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Sperm Egg Donation

High-tech artificial reproductive center technology.

In Europe and the United States today countries donor or store essence is prevalent ethos, sperm bank service tenet is to provide a safe quality good sperm to demanders, and donor through many test rear was a man’s man.

The artificial reproductive management method stipulates that donor sperm or egg must meet the following conditions.

Females need to be over 20 years old and under 40; Men need to be over 20 years of age, under 50 years of age, healthy and healthy. Screening of infectious diseases and genetic diseases (blood test B, C, AIDS, syphilis and other diseases, health examination and assessment results are suitable for donors to donate). Check the donor’s identity card and fill out the health assessment form (with no genetic disease or original). The national health bureau of the department of health of the executive yuan. No donor has ever been able to donate. The spouse shall obtain the consent of the spouse and sign the consent form. Match up. Donation without payment. No special donations will be allowed. No more than two users shall be provided at the same time.

There are a few key points to understand when donating sperm or eggs.

The donated sperm or egg is intended to help couples who are unable to use their sperm or eggs to conceive. The donated sperm or egg shall not be recovered for any reason whatsoever, or any right shall be declared. Unless necessary, the reproductive centre will have to disclose the physical information of both parties, and shall not divulge the socio-economic information of the individual before the consent of the other party. Unmarried donor sperm or egg donors only need to decide and sign the consent form on their own, and the married person will need the consent of the spouse and sign the consent form. The donated sperm or egg has to be produced only once, that is, to be produced once successfully (multiple births may have multiple offspring) Donors must understand in the future may be in some occasions met their own offspring without self-knowledge, offspring of their own also have the opportunity to meet their own brothers and sisters without self-knowledge, although the opportunity may have tens of thousands of PPM. The children who donate sperm or eggs are legally independent of the donor and do not enjoy any rights, including inheritance of property. The sperm or egg donor should think more before signing the consent form in case of future regret.

SThe treatment process that the egg donor may encounter is as follows.

  1. Screening individuals’ family genetic information (questionnaires filled out, including thalassaemia, hypertension, diabetes, allergic diseases, psychosis, aberrations, obvious genetic diseases, etc.)
  2. Blood sampling for infectious diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, rash, chicken pox, German measles, cytomegalovirus, etc.
  3. Internal diagnosis and ultrasound examination were performed to check whether the uterine and ovary conditions were accepted and the operation was performed, and the ovarian function was examined by blood sampling.
  4. After approval of the department of health, enter the schedule and adjust the menstrual cycle of the recipient first.
  5. After the 21st day of menstruation, the daily subcutaneous injection of repressed ovulatory injection, 10 days after the onset of menstruation or menstruation, and ultrasound examination of the hormone has been completely suppressed. Because of the changes in some medications, in some cases the center can save this part of the preparation, and the treatment begins at the onset of menstruation.
  6. Ovulation needle injection dosage should be determined by the physician, usually it every day, about ten days, ten days between every two or three days, to late every day, even must do vaginal ultrasonography and blood back to the court to observe follicle development situation.
  7. When the follicle reaches a certain standard, it can break the egg needle (HCG) to mature the egg and prepare the egg after 36 hours.
  8. Must take eggs the day before midnight on the day of fasting, take the eggs that day must be accompanied by a friend (more than twenty years old and best) report to the operating room, play on intravenous injection Shot, on the table and then enter the anesthesia, before you know it has to take out the eggs, the recovery time is about an hour, can go home, then there will be dizzy, so you need to have a friend for the home).
  9. Take the eggs after ten days, must pay attention to whether have take eggs complications such as: (1) bleeding (usually take eggs that day can appear lower quadrant abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, dizziness, the worst case even shock, etc.); (2) infection (it may occur within five days after the ovulation, abdominal pain, fever, abdominal swelling, etc.); (3) ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (in the following seven days after the ovulation, abdominal swelling such as drums, dyspnea, decreased urination, and even stroke, kidney failure, etc.). Fortunately, these side effects occur less than two percent of the time, and the reason for this is to prevent irreversible sequelae in case of emergency emergency treatment.
  10. Egg donation of ovulation drugs and take eggs extraction operation, careful operation will not cause long-term problems, also won’t have the problem of early menopause, because normal more than hundreds of thousands of eggs are available, and donated a mere ten eggs is one of the nine cattle hairs.