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Infertility Center

Infertility Center

Life science is the mainstream of science in the 21st century.Our new hospital artificial reproductive centers provide the most efficient and economical services with the highest quality.Basis for artificial insemination services, or for high quality of test-tube baby, microinjection, embryo identification technology to provide the best service tailored after the coming of the era of gene, is the beginning of the genetic research and not over, new hospitals in artificial reproductive health wish for each person in need of help to provide the most professional the best quality service.

Dean’s words

Work in the infertility clinic for many years, I’ve found some infertile couples has a touching the mood of the story behind, as long as you listen to, can from their words, deeply moved, and determined to accompany them as soon as possible through this period of hard and long, and is full of sweet memories for child.

So I told my colleagues to ask themselves: what else can we do for Case? What else can you do better? Empathy to each couple’s mood, and then use “personalization” of the best treatment plan to help them to “pregnancy certificate” as soon as possible, in order to give patients the best treatment, we and foreign top reproductive medicine center using the same equipment and technology, so busy I also always strict with myself and the team members to keep self growth and challenges, improve the professional knowledge and skills, as much as possible in order to improve the even if only 5% of pregnancies should also strive to perfect performance.

The good news is that after 12 years of efforts and accumulation, we can also have very good grades to present to you, we in artificial insemination pregnancy rates always have 20 ~ 30% (the same as the foreign level), annual average pregnancy rate of test-tube baby in recent 2 years are maintained at 52% (about 35%) at present domestic average pregnancy rate, long neck with first-rate reproductive medicine center, and also in ascension. Such achievement has always been what we insist on “everything is not only to do, but also to do good is more important! ”

The last hope you can understand our heart, for the road is long and too many unknown factors, but I believe that as long as to avoid some possible danger, a couple more for the other half to think of it, giving more support! Then relax and leave the rest to the medical team, giving the right knowledge and help, so that you can reduce unnecessary mistakes and achieve your parents’ wishes at an early date! Good luck and good luck!!

Artificial reproduction center features

  1. Professional, attentive, patience, and careful human medical service team to help you realize the dream of pregnancy at an early date ─ south kaohsiung area of infertility specialist and the most senior technician team to provide you with high pregnancy rate of reproductive technology service (founded in 1994 so far – 2001 through the ISO9002 certification).
  2. The continuous electric system of clean embryo culture room – the best guarantee of good embryo quality.
  3. The world’s purest pure water machine: a new generation of america-q plus ultra pure water machine, with no impurities except H2O.
  4. The same embryo culture box with world-class reproductive medical center (west Germany Hereaus high-temperature sterilization six door embryo culture box) – Taiwan ivf center 2 sets (not the same as general alcohol disinfection of carbon dioxide incubator, avoid toxins residue and harm embryos).
  5. Planer, UK – a new generation of fully automated cryogenic embryonics-providing your embryo with the best freezing process.
  6. A new generation of Japanese Hitachi screens, high solutions like the duppler color ultrasound: 220 degrees ultra wide Angle of the colposcope.
  7. NIKON’s new generation of high-resolution 3D inverted optical microscope.
  8. Japan Narishige new generation micro – operating equipment – provides you all kinds of high quality sperm, egg microoperation technology services.
  9. New digital TV laparoscope and embryo implantation device in Olympus, Japan: provide you with accurate and thorough examination and treatment of infertility related diseases.
  10. Olympus corp. ‘s new digital TV mini-metroscope device: clear, convenient, painless sterility test.

Artificial reproduction center service project.
  1. Pest control (quantity, activity, type)
  2. Anti-sperm antibody test.
  3. Artificial insemination
  4. Test-tube baby
  5. Single sperm cell injection (ICSI)
  6. Blastocyst culture.
  7. Embryo assisted incubation (AHA)
  1. Testicular and epididymis (TESA/MASA)
  2. Sperm bank
  3. Frozen embryos
  4. Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  5. Sperm donation
  6. Y chromosome defect examination.
  7. Immunotherapy

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