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Test-Tube Baby

You need to know after you take the eggs.

1.There may be a small amount of bleeding that day or the next day.

2.There may be “ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome” (about 3-5% chance of occurrence) :
Symptoms are as follows

Mild: abdominal distension, but breathing smoothly, at home observation can.
Moderate: abdominal distension (some people are abdominal distension to feel pain), but have heart palpitation, shortness of breath, nausea wants to vomit, urinal quantity is less, should return to consult immediately when having above phenomenon.
Severe: serious abdominal distension, shortness of breath difficulty, micturition is reduced, there is even the phenomenon of coma, shall immediately return visit and take the necessary emergency measures PS: easy to occur in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, or young women,

3. If you have abdominal distention, but help diuresis much edible food, for example: red bean water, increase water exclusion can slow the abdominal distension uncomfortable situation, relatively easy to cause flatulence food is to eat less (such as beans and other food)

4. After the ovulation, the embryo can be implanted for about 3-5 days. During this period, relax and wait for implantation at home.

The unexpected incident after the egg was taken:

  1. Follicle is not necessary to obtain the egg: such as vacuuming an egg or injection (broken egg) time is not correct.
  2. After fertilization, the fertilized eggs do not necessarily continue to develop (d1-d2)
  3. If the embryos could split situation not beautiful or stop the growth (D2 – D5) of the above may cancel implants, with doctors to discuss whether to use other treatment methods follow-up, waiting for the next cycle to start a new course of treatment.

Should I stay in bed after implantation?

Do most patients often ask questions, including the need to rest at home after a tube course or implantation? Do you even need to stay in bed and not get out of bed? As for this question, many couples who have been in test-tube babies must have thought so. Do you need to stay in bed after embryo implantation? How long will it take to stay in bed?

Since 1988, however, there has been a lot of research and discussion on this issue. The most famous was the survey conducted by the Italian research team in 1997. A total of 182 patients were divided into two groups. One group was placed in bed rest for 24 hours, and the other group was implanted 20 minutes later. Results there was no difference between the two groups in terms of pregnancy rate, bed rate and abortion rate. Doctors at the university of California, San Francisco, in 2007, also published similar results in the international journal of medicine (Fertility&Sterility). After research, according to a report of the hall after implantation embryo whether or not to stay in bed, and for the overall pregnancy outcome is not much influence, some experts believe that even in bed too long but lower pregnancy rates.

Many couples must wonder why this is the case.
The most important thing for an embryo after implantation is to supply a large amount of corpus luteum for growth, and the embryo needs to absorb lutein, which must be transmitted to the embryo by the blood circulation of the uterus. Therefore, full bed rest can indeed increase the blood flow of the uterus to increase the concentration of lutein and increase the chance of bed. On the contrary, if long-term lie in bed motionless, not only the circulation of the blood becomes slow, easy to cause blood stasis cause embolization, may also cause all day doing nothing, thinking, virtually psychological stress, to reduce the chances of pregnancy.

However, it does not mean that the patient may not pay attention to the importance of rest during this period; In general, the fertility centers around the world all think, after a brief rest 2-3 days, then reduce the intense exercise or work, such as lifting heavy objects, running, jumping, or (2) the impact, and so on, try to relax after I get home from work, heavy family, please do housework, moderate exercise can increase the chances of pregnancy instead.

Food precautions after implantation.

Each to enter the vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment, couples are almost all under a lot of determination, besides to overcome heavy psychological pressure, will also have to mention courage ovulation injection, in order to have good response, let the body mature ovarian Follicle (Follicle) darling grew up, try their best to complete into the subcutaneous beard needle. After a long process of injection and the operation of the egg, it was the first time that the embryo was implanted.
Finally put the embryos implanted, mothers-to-be are deeply afraid of oneself a didn’t pay attention to matters, and lead to the failure of the tube treatment, the following after planted in vitro treatment, living a note to the point

Food precautions after implantation:

  1. Do not eat cold, ice, alcohol, tea, coffee, sesame oil, coix seed, Chinese medicine.
  2. The diet should be light, eat more fruits and vegetables and high protein food, not to eat traditional Chinese medicine (such as 10 full-size tonic soup, ribs, etc.), and try to reduce the external food.

* nutrition notes:

  1. During pregnancy, the female multivitamin will continue to eat and eat.
  2. Folic acid continues to eat for up to three months.
  3. DHEA stopped eating.

Factors that influence successful pregnancy.

Factors influencing successful pregnancy:

1. Healthy lifestyle:
I. Avoid the abuse of tobacco, alcohol and drugs, so as not to affect the manufacture and maturation of sperm eggs, resulting in infertility.

Ii. Adjustment of work, mood and pressure to reduce ovulatory disorders, decreased libido, sexual dysfunction, decreased sperm production, and so on.

Iii. Balanced nutrition, maintaining an ideal weight, avoiding obesity and underweight.

Iv. Stay away from high temperature, chemical and radioactive substances in the environment.

2. Safe and simple sex life:
I. Simple sexual relations and proper use of condoms can reduce the chance of contracting venereal diseases and infections. Seek medical attention if the vagina has abnormal secretions, urinalysis or pain in the lower abdomen. Sexual partners should be treated together when they are sexually transmitted.

Ii. Some diseases, such as chlamydia infection, most had no obvious self-conscious symptom is not easy to find, only by safe, pure sex, using condoms and strictly to reduce the chance of infection.

Iii. Effective contraception and reduction of abortion operations to avoid complications; If you have not had a baby, or if you want to have a baby, try not to use a contraceptive in the womb.

3. Endometriosis:
I. When suspected of endometriosis, seek medical attention as soon as possible and follow up regularly.

Ii. If there is endometriosis or family history, family planning should be planned as soon as possible, so as to be aware of the influence of fertility.

4. Maintain sperm quality:
I. Do not expose the scrotum to high temperature or wear tight pants for a long time.

Ii. The correct use of condoms to prevent infection, if found to have urinary tract infection, should be early, in order to avoid affect sperm quality, or cause vas deferens obstruction, and result in infertility.

5. Don’t waste your age:
The fertility rate of women and men declines with age, and the peak period of female reproduction is between 21 and 30 years old. Male reproductive ability also is same, mainly because of the age, the fewer number of sperm, and the more frequent contact with environment pollution, the chance of sperm DNA damage, leading to gene mutations. In recent years, the average number of male sperm has decreased and the average number of sperm has decreased. Therefore, if a couple has trouble with infertility, they should seek treatment as soon as possible. Do not waste time and miss the chance of pregnancy.

Why is the embryo quality so good that the implant is not successful?

In an outpatient clinic, infertility patients often ask, “why are my embryos so good, and the test tube baby is not successful?” In fact, two thirds of the cases in which the bed is not made are the problems of the endometrium; The latest literature reports that it is possible to significantly increase the rate of the bed by gently shaving the endometrium before the course of ivf treatment.

Why does endometrium scratching increase the success rate of ivf treatment? According to the clinical study showed that new after blow gently uterine endometrium many proteins, such as growth factors and cytokines, and these growth factors and cytokines on the one hand, will effect on the endometrium itself has increased, the ability to accept embryonic the bed on the other hand will also effect on implanted embryos that its ability to stick to the lining of the uterus. Have medical journal recently published articles, support for this view and practical application in ivf treatment has good results, the emphasis is on during endometrial scratch scrape must select the appropriate point in time, and as long as gently scratch scratch stimulation in order to achieve the effect of the endometrium.

Ms. Liang 37 years old this year, because of tubal nowhere for ivf treatments, four high quality embryos into a first course of treatment, hopefully waiting for pregnancy tests, the result is a disappointment, that doesn’t even have a bed. After doctor Lin evaluation, according to the question may be out in the endometrium, then arrange the endometrial scratch scratch, begin again two weeks after ovulation injection to ivf treatment, the results success had twins, according to blow gently after the update of endometrial its ability to accept embryonic the bed is very high.

With the progress of ivf, more and more couples with fertility problems can dream, but the failure of the endometrium problem still afflicts many infertile women. Doctor suggested to Lin jun, if used in ivf treatment quality good embryos into failed to the bed, you can blow gently before enter the next course of uterus, after the new endometrial accept embryos can significantly improve the ability of the bed, so can increase the success rate of ivf treatment.

Egg freezing

The object that meets the freezing egg.

  1. Unmarried women: AMH value is greater than 2 or FSH value less than 10 or menstrual cycle.
  2. Married woman: ovarian function is not good; The AMH value is less than 1.
    These two types of patients can be stimulated by friendly therapy (or low dose therapy), freezing the eggs first (1-5) and then thawing, fertilizing, and implanting the eggs after several cycles.
  3. Freeze before chemotherapy.

What items should be examined before freezing eggs?

  1. Ovarian inventory index (AMH)
  2. Follicular stimulating number (FSH)
  3. Ultrasonic-filter bubble number (AFC)

The process of freezing eggs.

  1. During the period of menstruation, the ovulation needle, the broken egg needle, and then the egg from the vagina.
  2. The medical staff reheated the egg to the liquid nitrogen tank at minus 196 degrees.
  3. The total charge is about 8 to 100 thousand, and the storage fee is paid every year. If you want to unfreeze the egg, you will need 100,000 yuan.

Probability of successful pregnancy:

  1. About 60-70% under 35 years old.
  2. About 20 percent of 40 to 43 years old.
  3. > 43 is about 5%.

Suitable age for freezing eggs.
Whether it is frozen eggs or test-tube babies, it is best for female patients before age 35. According to the European and American society of reproductive medicine statistics show that, on average every pregnancy rate was only 5% – 5% of egg, live birth rate is only 5%, so most of the reproductive center recommend patients to save more than 10 eggs, however, are over the age of 35 patients, egg quality is usually not beautiful, in addition, a one-time take 10 eggs is not easy.