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The Story Of Waiting For The Kwan-Yin

Do not believe in big brands, only believe in major.

At that time, I did not search for other infertility doctors on the Internet, so I went directly to a large medical center. I wanted to say that the equipment was complete and the doctors’ clinical experience was sufficient. The attending physician at the medical center thought I was still young and should still have a chance to get pregnant. Went well, the whole process from take medicine give or take an injection take eggs are going well, and took 11 eggs, but the tragedy happened in the moment of embryo, embryo from the incubator to implant spent a total of more than 10 minutes, the doctor how is rooted, then started bleeding and doctors only put embryonic again back incubator, again after a long after 15 minutes, finally can be rooted in, a total of four star, although the process is not very well, after all finished implant, I think I can breathe a sigh of relief, the results I’m not pregnant!

Menstruation comes again, I began to feel a lot of setbacks and frustration, but the doctor said that the second course will be changed to a short course of treatment, try to stimulate the eggs with good quality, also arranged a uterus mirror before implantation, understand why so difficult to implant for the first time, there were only 8 second take eggs eggs, can be implanted into three embryos, and the second implant process similar to the first time, also spent a long time to implant, also in the process of the implant ð « ” ° started bleeding, second ivf treatment and no success is no surprise, I or not

After a year of time to adjust the mood, I began to search on the Internet last year infertility doctors, integrated all mothers-to-be recommendation and opinion, most of the mothers all think high of powerful new hospital Lin jun is a famous doctor in infertility doctors, plus see Lin physicians to assist a sport on TV celebrity success became pregnant with twins, I think I should give myself a chance!

To begin the process, I’m telling doctor Lin implanted twice before treatment is not smooth, doctor Lin very considerate to encourage me, think that as long as it can overcome the difficulties in implant, I can smoothly pregnant with his baby! Dr. Lin’s warm encouragement did give me a glimmer of hope!

She married at 39 and had four ivf treatments.

China times [Lin yi-hui, Taipei]
Taiwanese women first pregnancy age falls in between 30 and 39, accounted for up to 5 into 4, marry at a mature late) has become a common phenomenon, but the doctor reminds, the higher the age, the lower the natural or artificial reproduction production, 39 years old get married miss the beauty of the evil female store, in order to have their own baby, after 4 times, finally gave birth to a girl for 1 year and a half.

When she was 39 years old, she got married at the age of 39. She and her husband worked hard for more than 1 year without “news”. After 1 artificial insemination and 4 test tubes, she finally gave birth to her daughter. First test-tube surgery after pregnancy, she says, is abortion because of unstable embryos, child instantly didn’t, the mood fell from heaven to hell, after two no pregnancy, until the fourth finally live birth, in the meantime, the suffering of the mood, even worse than the pain of the flesh.

The Taiwan infertility association says age plays an important role in both natural and artificial insemination, and in general, the age of 35 and 40 is the age of two alarm. And our country in 2013 male and female marriage age is 32 years old, 29.7 on average, analysis of the situation, first pregnancy aged 30 to 34 years old who is as high as 40.4%, 35 to 39 years old was 13.5%, the late), and the treatments of NHS artificial reproductive statistics show that the artificial reproductive treatment, more than 35 years old mother has accounted for 57.8%. Women under 35 have a pregnancy rate of about 50 to 60 percent, and the rate of 35 is down by 20 percent, and the rate of pregnancy by 40 is half that of 35. At 43, it’s a bigger crisis, with a pregnancy rate of just 5%, and at 45, 1%. It is recommended that natural production be completed before the age of 35, and that artificial reproduction should not exceed 38 years of age.

If artificial reproduction is necessary, according to the “treatment strategy for pregnant women”, it is pointed out that before the age of 37, women can first try artificial insemination, if they fail, they will undergo ivf treatment. Between the ages of 38 and 42, the “pregnant last bus” can be used for 1-2 times of artificial insemination before entering the tube, or directly into the test tube to avoid delaying the successful pregnancy. At the age of 42, you can only try the ivf treatment directly.

The first child was born before the age of 35.

The average age of first-time mothers in Taiwan has risen from 27.66 to 30.35 in the past decade, and the number of women aged 35 and over is 2.5 times that of 10 years ago, according to a new survey. There were 769 women between the ages of 40 and 44 who produced the first child in 2005, up to 1929 last year.

Late pregnancy has become a trend, a famous physician trade actively help the 23-year-old daughter frozen eggs, and consciously daughter aiming high because of a doctor, not a guy, so first conceived “buy insurance”, he slowly again choose son-in-law. The director of the Taiwan society of reproductive medicine said that women should seek medical advice when they try to conceive for a year before they become pregnant by the age of 37.

Clinical display, fertility decline year by year, more than 37 women pregnant abortion and increased rates of fetal anomaly, through artificial ivf live-birth rate of only thirty percent, to more than 40 live-birth rate of only ten percent.

Over the past year or two, more and more women have gone straight into ivf treatment or actively seeking frozen eggs. Age 33 is the age at which birth alarm is initiated, and it is recommended that the first child be completed before the age of 35 and the second child by the age of 37.

It is too early for a pregnant woman to increase her freezing eggs.

“47 years old gave birth to twins absolute is a special case”, does not exclude the eggs, because ovarian rejuvenation, egg inventories would decrease along with the age, the age of 35 can average 20 eggs at a time, until the age of 40 can obtain three to five eggs even if good.

According to the national health service, women under the age of 35 have an artificial reproductive rate of 4 to 50 percent, down to 30 percent from 37 years old, and only 1 percent of those over 40 are successful.

Outpatient service about 3 to 4 into infertile women in high education degree, have the consciousness of crisis, the average 37 years old, marry about half a year to arrange visits artificial reproductive period of treatment, while the young can get more eggs, still can obtain multiple embryos when “spare tire”.

According to the artificial reproductive medicine community, infertile women under the age of 37 can first attempt three artificial insemination, and if they fail, they will undergo ivf treatment. Between the ages of 38 and 42, one to two times of artificial insemination can be performed, and then the tube will be in the tube, or directly into the tube, so as not to delay the successful pregnancy. Over 42 years old, direct ivf treatment, do not waste successful pregnancy.

There are four factors that women can consider freezing eggs.

  1.  At 34, there is still no marriage.
  2. Patients with cancer must undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which may affect ovarian function.
  3. Fewer innate eggs.
  4. Premature ovarian failure.

(reproduced from world news, 8-22-2015)

So long as you don’t give up the idea of having your own baby, all the pain is nothing?