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Male Infertility

Male infertility treatment.

Treatment of sexual dysfunction:
These include too many times or too little sex, no erection, no ejaculation or premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, etc., which can be considered for various treatments. Erectile adverse drugs such as viagra, cialis, our strong. If unable to sexual intercourse or ejaculation inside body, can into the container, the ejaculation to without needle injection tube into the feminine vagina, or used to make artificial insemination, increase the chance of conception. Treatment of semen quality abnormality: including the number of spermatozoa, the lack of active power, the abnormal pattern, and even anspermia.

1. Medication
Drug therapy has a significant effect on men with low levels of gonadotropin.

2. Surgical therapy
Male examination revealed that there was a clear varicose vein, and there was a poor quality of spermatozoa, and the surgical method was considered to improve the quality of the spermatozoa. But not all patients can achieve significant clinical outcomes. If you do not want to operate, you can directly choose artificial insemination, ivf treatment.

3. If the male of vasectomy is to be naturally pregnant, he can receive the microsurgery of the vasectomy, and there will be some improvement.

4. Severe infection: suspicion of infection to the spouse, including hepatitis C, HIV infection, etc., most of which dare not directly carry out internal ejaculation. This situation, can use repeatedly sperm washing, reduce virus concentration to very low status, again for artificial fertilization, or ivf treatment, can reduce much of the female spouse infection disease risk, and have the chance of having offspring.

Semen examination

1. Check the timing
Infertility caused by direct or indirect male factors accounts for about 40 per cent of all infertility causes, so basic semen tests should be performed early. Some people think it’s wrong to check the female spouse first before checking the man. The results of semen examination can be regarded as an important reference for the follow-up treatment of physicians. For example: if semen examination showed a man is no refined disease patients (i.e., no sperm in semen), the treatment should be men first evaluated, so that can know as early as possible by vice testicular or to take testicular sperm, in order to avoid wasting time in treatment of female spouses, and missed the treatment.

2. Semen collection

1) male abstinence for 3 to 5 days.

2) in masturbation way to collect all the semen in hospital clinic provided by the container (such as collection of fine glass, collection time should put sperm directly into the container, and cannot be used to take a set of commercial insurance or other vessels.

3) the semen collection can be collected at the clinic in the hospital. If it is not used, it can be collected at home and sent to the real room within 1 hour after ejaculation. It is best to keep the cup temperature close to the body temperature, such as an overcoat pocket in winter.

3. After sperm examination and interpretation service, laboratory personnel will check the semen liquefaction time, appearance, size, viscosity, sperm concentration, sperm morphology and sperm activity and so on. Standard’s sperm morphological interpretation is usually the first sperm after dyeing, interpretation under a magnification of one thousand times some institutions also provide sperm antibodies to inspection, the inspection in many medical institutions do not belong to the regular inspection items. Also with semen examination data will be collected by the timing and collect completely deny, and the physical condition of male itself at the time change, therefore, semen sometimes twice or more to do. According to the world health organization, the normal value of semen tests is:

1. Volume: 2 ml or above.
2. Ph value: 7.2-8.0.

Spermatozoa is not healthy to fear infertility? Boys beware of seven spermicidal habits.

The reason for infertility is not only in women, but in men too. Semen examination can detect whether a man has a fertility problem, if the examination results are normal, as long as the husband improves daily life habits, it is not difficult for the wife to get pregnant. Most importantly, it would be a great spiritual support for women, if they were willing to cooperate and provide support for the long-term treatment of women.

Male friends please note that the sperm is afraid of the heat.

Casual daily habits can also affect sperm health. First, male friends should remember: sperm is afraid of heat. These habits as soon as possible please destroyed, sperm afraid of high temperature, so the temperature of the testicles to 33 ℃. To keep your sperm healthy, follow these guidelines.

1) don’t wear briefs or briefs.
2) avoid wearing jeans or tight pants.
3) don’t cross your feet when you sit down.
4) keep your phone out of your pants pocket.
5) do not use your laptop on your lap.
6) do not take a bath for more than five minutes.
7) no steam bath.

In daily life, there are many casual habits that can have a bad effect on sperm, and we don’t know it. Do you have the habits listed above? If any, please improve as soon as possible. It is the husband’s duty to relieve the burden of his wife’s mind and body. The male friend should help his wife to do the housework and let them go to bed early so that the wife can get enough sleep.

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